El Greco Skies

by Floodflower

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90's castaways channelling Gorecki, Bauhaus and Floyd.
Sonic Journeys abound.


released April 1, 2017

Drums: Matt Lynott
Guitar, Vocals: Peter Halasz
Backup Vox: Nova Williams
Trombone: Gabe Feenberg
Bass: RAH


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Floodflower Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Visions
Twilight fell, swan song of the day
Darkened bells, ringing through the grey...
And we're lost in your alabaster dream
Everything exactly
as it seems...
Hymnals of the vanquished
Drifting through the air....
Dead and garbled languages
Caressing hungry ears...
Fading with the sun..

Twilight fell, swan song of the day
Darkened bells ringing through the grey...
Silence, Silence falling
Seasmoke in the foglight
Silence, silence falls
And everything is revealed
under El Greco skies..
Fading with the sun...
Bend not gently your neck to their altar
as soft as dreaming
soft as dreaming....
Track Name: Cliff Song
Bring me the night, the starkindled seas....
Bring me the endless night, the windravaged seas....
Ocean and rock in the lee of the cliff
With the stars and the pelicans wheeling overhead...
That's where I will look for you
And I will find you
Find you entwined in cliff song, shroud of sunlight's ghost.....

I will find you
Find you entwined in cliff song, shroud of sunlight's ghost....
I'll look for you, you look for me
I'll look for you, you look for me
I'll look for you
You look for me...
Track Name: Desert Song
When all your horizons, they have dwindled
To these four walls and this hospital bed....
What was it you wanted? What was it you wanted?
Well, you said, "Please tell me there is time yet,
For one more fuck and one more cigarette....
and ohhhh the sunshine... The sunshine..
Please take me into the sunshine..."

But you were being eaten alive from within
Blackened your pale skin, swollen your dying limbs...
and "Ohhhhh, the sunshine.... the sunshine...
Please.... let me go... into the sunshine.... "
Track Name: Bring Out Your Dead
Bring out your dead and decaying dreams...
The long forgotten remains of a life never lived...
Ohh! to live......
To live....
And please....!
Throw it on the funeral pyre
And turn around instead
Because none of it means anything anyways
And none of it really matters anyhow...

All you've left behind
Is useless to you now
And all you're carrying with you
It'll only cause you pain
Oh to live! to live......!

And please...!
Look outside at the sky
It remains perfect

And though the wind caresses your head
You can't feel it
And though the rain whispers your name
You can't hear it
And though the moon lights the way
You cant see it
You cant see
You cant see
You cant see
Anything at all....

Oh we can't see
nothing at all..

We can't see
We can't see
We can't see

I can't see
I can't see
I can't see
I can't see
Anything at all...

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